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New socks are great and all, but we all know the best gift on Christmas is for your taste buds. From spiral hams to serving suggestions, our holiday hub has everything you need to make this season top notch.

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Chili Bar With All the Fixin’s

Slow-Cooked Pork Chili -- Skill Level:** Beginner | **Time:** 90+ minutes | **Servings:** 5

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Everyone has their own special memory of the perfect ham. And if it’s a country ham, you’re one of the fortunate ones. Made popular in the South, the Smithfield Country Ham goes through a curing and drying process that gives it a distinctive ...

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CREATING YOUR OWN BACON BAR -- Give your holidays a delicious twist this year with your very own Smithfield Bacon Bar. Mix things up with different Smithfield Bacon varieties, warm flakey biscuits and sweet ...

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Frozen Champagne Ice Bucket - Two plastic buckets - Cranberries - Evergreen sprigs - Water

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Paper Place Mat -- Supplies - Paper roll - Chalk/white paint pen - Ribbon - Rosemary

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Corn Husk Wreath -- Supplies - Straw wreath - Bowl of water - Paper towels- Corn husks ...

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